Plano Athletic Club is a results-driven fitness club that seeks to provide excellence in member service and client results. We offer services focused on weight loss, corrective exercises, group fitness, strength training, premium training, and personal training. We strive to deliver results and positive outcomes for our members through innovative exercise programming and client accountability.


Enjoy customized coaching & 1-on-1 guidance from a personal trainer. Identify goals & learn how to meet them through effective exercise.



We’re not just about burning calories and building muscles! At our gym in Plano, we understand that true fitness encompasses both mind and body, and so we offer amenities to bring you to whole body wellness.


Our sessions are taught by certified personal trainers and are geared around mixing in cardio and focused strength exercises. Personal trainers will demonstrate movements and take time to correct form throughout the session while you and your teammates push each other to hit your fitness goals.


At #ThePAC, we want to drive results — and that’s why we offer the best equipment, programs, and amenities to help you reach your goals. When you become a member, you’ll have access to all of our services including qualified trainers, knowledgeable staff, state-of-the-art machines, and dynamic group exercise classes. We also provide clean locker rooms, our Kids Club childcare area, an indoor pool, basketball court, and lots more.



Schedule a time with us at the PAC to drop in and come see a world class facility. We want to drive results — we offer the best equipment, programs, and amenities to help you reach your goals.

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