Benefits of recovery at the plano athletic club

Recovery in the context of physical activity is defined as the period of time between the end of a bout of exercise and the following return to a resting state. It’s a crucial phase that enables our systems to recalibrate themselves with the repairs and replenishments needed to grow off of the activity we’ve done and continue going about our day.

What’s The Point Of Recovery?

The physical stress inflicted on the body during exercise creates the depletions needed to stimulate the physiological adaptations were looking to make. This initial breakdown of energy sources and cellular structures during exercise is what allows for the adaptations that make us stronger, faster, and more resistant to future bouts of exercise.

However, in order for these adaptations to take place, the body must be given adequate time to recover. This is where the role of recovery comes in. During recovery, our bodies take the time needed to restore those energy stores and rebuild any damaged tissues. The length of time needed for full recovery depends on the intensity and duration of the exercise, as well as an individual’s level of fitness.

Making The Most Out Of Your Recovery

Because your workout is only as good as your recovery, it’s essential that you’re able to make the most of it. That’s why we’ve designed our advanced Recovery Lounge, which is equipped with everything you could need to fully refresh and reset from your demanding workouts. It’s got a collection of excellent amenities, each of which yields numerous benefits to the process of recovery.

The following are just a couple of the space’s features, what they do, and how they can support you.


Hydromassage is a specialized, therapeutic technique that uses the power of water and pressurized jets to massage muscles and soft tissues in the body. The use of hydrotherapy techniques dates all the way back to ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, in which baths of various temperatures were often used as ways of relaxing and resetting the body.

Many hundreds of years later, this form of therapy is something that’s still widely popular, and in the case of hydromassage, is proven by science to help alleviate soreness and pain associated with exercise.

Modern day hydromassage can be done in multiple ways, but most often uses a specialized bed or table to deliver the pressurized waves of water. This setup allows users to reap the benefits of hydrotherapy without having to face the inconveniences of undressing or getting wet.

Benefits of hydromassage include:

     Relief from minor aches and pains

     Relief from muscle stiffness, soreness and tension

     Improved circulation in areas massaged

     Reduced anxiety and stress

     Enhanced feelings of deep relaxation and well-being

The Recovery Lounge is equipped with top-of-the-line hydromassage tables, which offer a full body massage that’s perfect for post-workout recovery.

If you’re curious about giving it a try, speak to your doctor or physical therapist to see if it’s the right treatment for you.

NormaTec Compression Therapy

NormaTec is a cutting edge compression therapy system that’s often used by professional athletes as a way to speed up the recovery process. The system works by using air pressure to massage the limbs, which helps to reduce swelling and improve circulation. It’s thought that by increasing blood flow to certain body parts, the therapy is able to “flush out” the buildup of lactic acid and other exercise-related toxins that can cause soreness, as well as redirect nutrients and oxygen to the places that need them most.

Athletes aren’t the only ones who can benefit from NormaTec compression therapy either – the system can be used by anyone looking for a little extra support in their recovery. Its wide range of benefits and applications means that it’s perfect for almost any type of post-workout use, as well as for those suffering from conditions like lymphedema or chronic venous insufficiency.

Some of the benefits of NormaTec compression therapy include:

     Reduced soreness and discomfort

     Improved circulation

     Reduced inflammation

     Accelerated removal of exercise-related toxins

     Faster recovery times

If you’re curious about giving it a try, speak to your doctor or physical therapist to see if it’s the right treatment for you.

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