Social Interaction

The outdoor space welcomes a lighter energy and interaction base between athletes sharing the experience. This is a fun one to face a new challenge while taking care of your social health. Try a new exercise, meet a new face and enjoy your hour all at the same time!

Sweat Spacing

During the pandemic we all learned the importance of having space between you and others. Completing exercise outside allows for more space between each athlete for proper air filtration. No one enjoys having sweat drip on them from another athlete’s hard work. Use this as an opportunity to exercise with others without worrying about that dreaded sweat sharing.

Vitamin D 

Exercising outdoors would have both the benefits of physical activity and of sun exposure, namely the synthesis of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps with proper absorption of calcium while also strengthening the immune system. The sun is our main source of vitamin D, therefor an outdoor session is a great opportunity to get this added benefit!

A fresh terrain to attack 

It can be hard to keep a routine without getting too boring. This fresh terrain will challenge you on multiple levels while giving the much needed face lift of a new space instead of inside the gym. 

Fights Depression 

Mental health benefits of exercise are highly evident. Exercise creates a process of nerve cells growing and creating new connections. This process allows for the brain to feel more clarity while allowing you to feel better on a daily basis!

Come try our outdoor workout classes Saturday at 9 am!