Kids Club at Plano Athletic Club

Plano Athletic Kid’s Club understands how hard it can be for parents to focus on their own health while keeping up with the daily rollercoaster of parenthood. That’s why our dedicated staff have created a safe, active, and healthy environment for your children. Our staff always promotes kindness and spreading love, while encouraging them to be who they really are. We
focus on gentle parenting, while still understanding the BIG feelings that your little children have. Childcare doesn’t have to be stressful or cost a fortune, we keep our prices affordable, so you can work out stress free.

Kid’s Club will keep your child moving the whole night! We teach fun group exercises that will not only keep your child active, but also keep their imagination growing, plus you can do these exercises at home as a family!
Education is a high priority for us, we help incorporate academics into our playtime by colors, learning numbers, the alphabet, math, music and crafts. We even help with homework!

Stop by today and let us watch your children while you tour the equipment. Our staff will answer any questions you may have about security, safety, pricing and allergies.